Install Instructions

For best results:

1. Make sure application area is clean and dry. (Optional: Wipe down the application area with an alcohol wipe and let completely dry.)

2. Remove wrap pieces from the paper liner. 

  • It may be easier to remove the wrap from the paper backing rather than attempting to remove the paper backing from the wrap.
  • Given that the adhesive is 100% transparent, it may be possible to accidently separate the fabric from the adhesive in the process of removal.
  • If you find you are separating the fabric from the adhesive, just pause and re-adhere the fabric to the adhesive and apply pressure. The adhesive is pressure activated.

3. Apply carefully starting at the edge of the application area. Once satisfied with the edge fit you can begin to apply pressure and wrap the the rest of the piece. 

4. If you are not satisfied with initial fitment, you can slowly and carefully remove the wrap and attempt to reapply. This can be done multiple times in the initial application without loss of adhesion. Once the adhesive is cured, it will be much more difficult to remove, but not impossible. (Due to the variation in application surfaces, we can only guarantee this as a one time use but it is certainly possible to reuse this product if it removes cleanly after initial application.)

5. Apply even pressure throughout the wrap once satisfied with fitment to promote adhesion. (This 3M adhesive product is pressure activated.)

6. If there are any fabric frays or loose threads, you can singe the edges very briefly with a lighter or torch, being careful not to burn or catch the fabric on fire.

7. Sit back and admire your new optic wrap and rest assured your tactical gear is now protected with the best mil-spec quality materials.

All Ranger Wraps are cut very PRECISE so margin of error for install is very small. If it doesn't seem like it fits, try to reapply until satisfied, the adhesive will not lose stickiness until fully cured. If it is still not fitted to your liking, reach out to us and let us know how we can help.


Install video: